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Israeli Association of Landscape Architects was founded in 1951 , public associations , non-profit , in order to bind and represent the Landscape Architects independent organization , to promote the values of the profession of landscape architecture in the common good .

Association affiliated to IFLA International Federation of Landscape Architects.

Association members about 250 landscape architects, all of whom have a degree in landscape architecture. About 100 of which are of landscape planning offices and others employed in the offices of the planning, government offices, local authorities, public organizations, academia and public institutions.

Association works to promote public space, is involved in maintaining the cultural landscape values and heritage, represents the association of statutory committees and taking part in public struggles for nature conservation and the environment and promoting confidence in the association status of landscape architects. In order to promote these issues the association initiates conferences, seminars, tours, lectures and conferences for the advancement of knowledge and thinking in the areas of our professional world.


Internet site for association members and professional content, information, displays the professional activities of the Association, presents for roles and the parallel design professionals in landscape design done by association members and reveals the world of landscape architecture to interest in studying landscape architecture.


Site Editor | Michal Bitton


The "Landscape Architecture Award" is an initiative the management association serving aimed at exposing the activities being done by landscape architects in Israel, and to encourage excellence and creativity. Competition is annual and the signal is awarded at the annual conference of the Association. Award Committee composed of a representative of management, landscape architects Association members and public officials.


The Secretariat is responsible for promoting goals of the Association by means of tools, including: Initiation Conference and accompanying Annual Meeting of the Association, professional enrichment and tours, collaborations with similar organizations in Israel and abroad, public relations and communications, running the website of the Association, published journal "Architecture landscape", the dissemination of information to members of the association, granting "signal landscape architecture" and tied in front of Landscape Architecture at the Technion.


Association´s Board of directors elected every two years, by the Council of the Association and its role to implement the decisions of the Council. Each board member is in charge of selected topics which he promotes regularly.

Izy Blank | Chairman

Leor Lovinger | Treasurer

Tali Mark

Sivan Ornai

Sagit Koren

Gad Barkai 



association Council and outline a way of thinking as a base for the association. Council elected every four years out of the association members.


Council members |   Gad Barkai, Daphna greenstain, Tal Alon Mozes, Tal Evron, Tali Mark,  Leor Lovinger, Michal Bitton, Matania Za"k, Sonia Kuperman, Sivan Ornai, Alisa Braude, Revital shoshany, Sagit Koren, Shimi dahan,   Tamar Darel-Fossfeld 

Audit Committee advises the Association and publishes an annual report that examines all the Association´s activities to ensure proper administration.


Members of the Audit Committee |  Iris Shlisel, Noa Barot


Representative in Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC)| Tamar Darel-Fossfeld, Hatzav Yoffe, Lotem Segal


"Landscape Architecture" magazine deals with issues of landscape architecture and distributed to all members of the association and officials in the professional world.


The journal editor | Michal Bitton


Secretary is the administrative manager of faith for guidance and assistance in all activities of the association.


Secretary of the association | Pnina Harif


What does the association do for us?

Israeli Association of Landscape Architects recognized as a representative body of the profession of landscape architecture, and by virtue of the association was previously recognized law degree in landscape architecture Engineers and Architects, which parallel associations in many places not yet been achieved . In addition, the association has led to the recognition of landscape architecture in the framework of the Engineers - Licensing and unique activities and continues to broaden the realm of exclusivity of occupation.

Most landscape architects in Israel today are members of it are as active initiators and promoting issues or as active participants in professional events initiated by the association. Members of the Association are invited to take part in association and professional influence future management of the Association, the Association Council committees, subject to elections for association. Members of the Association are invited to offer their candidacy association representation Planning and Construction Committee and other bodies.

Association regularly publishes information on professional issues, such as tariffs, regulations, agreements design, professional publications, competitions, seminars, conferences and exhibitions, standards and legislation updates. And are entitled to advertise information such as search work. association members are entitled to receive annual calendar landscape architects, journal "landscape architecture".

Members of the Association are invited to present their professional activity within the framework of conferences, events and tours of the Association journal "landscape architecture" and on the website of the Association. And publication of the directory site and log Association "landscape architect", which is also distributed to local authorities and the provider role design work.

association members are entitled to apply for the prestigious annual competition "Letter landscape architecture."

Association members receive a discounted price of participation in all activities initiated by the association.


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What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape Architecture seeks a balance between development and preservation of the built environment and the natural environment, in a comprehensive and inclusive planning and design of open spaces that make up the environment.

Landscape architecture is one of the most diverse areas from planning and design professions - by testing, analysis and evaluation, comprehensive planning, design and management interface - creating physical solutions landscape architects who respect and balance the needs of society according to the environment and culture in which it lives and develops.

Areas dealt with landscape architects include planning and urban design , gardens and parks, streets, squares urban promenades , campuses , planning describes national and regional sports complexes and tourism , nature reserves and national parks , grasslands and forest , rivers and beaches , roads and infrastructure landscape , regional recreation, and rehabilitation of quarries and other environmental hazards .

Center of the work of landscape architects are planning for people. Landscaping refers to the communities and produces the space around them humanely and full of life. Landscape architects are open-minded thinkers and strive to see the whole picture. They have a role of growing importance in shaping opinion about the burning issues today: climate change, sustainable communities, water, housing and more.

Degree in landscape architecture is an academic degree, professional, acquired in the country of Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion in Haifa, or accredited academic institution abroad, after completing academic requirements for four years filled. Title landscape architect recognized by the Registrar of Engineers and Architects in Israel (Licensing and unique activities in 1967) and confers the right to registration and licensing.



Landscape architecture is not only the profession of the future - but the profession of a better future.